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What to do with your first sweldo

It’s time to cash out that first paycheck, dasurv mo mag-celebrate!

What to do with your first sweldo

Uy, congrats sa’yo, freshie!

You’ve nailed your first job and your first sweldo is finally here! And now you’re probably wondering what to do with it… because yes, it’s a BIG deal! It’s truly an exciting time that’s worth celebrating.

This is a huge milestone so you should be proud of yourself, siyempre. Now, let’s talk about how to make the most of that hard-earned cash. Here’s how to make your money work for you while still having a blast:

Celebrate your win.

‘Di na kailangan ng elaborate discussion nito. Whether it’s a nice dinner at a local restaurant or that pair of limited edition sneakers you’ve been eyeing, then go for it! You’ve worked hard, so treat yourself!

Start an emergency fund.

Life is unpredictable, so it’s wise to have a financial cushion. You can learn more about emergency funds and how to properly prepare for them here.

Budget your expenses.

Create a budget that covers your essentials like utilities, groceries, transportation, and rent. Pwede ka gumamit ng mobile apps tulad ng Lista to help track your spending. Tip: If you still find yourself lost in the numbers, let Lista budget your money using the 70-20-10 rule 😉

Invest in your future, little by little.

Mukhang maaga-aga pa isipin ang retirement era mo but maybe try considering planning for it as early as now. You can start by setting up a Pag-IBIG MP2 account. Pramis, the power of compound interest will benefit you in the long run.

Save up for things you love.

Gawin mo ‘to para makabawi ka sa inner child mo. Gusto mo mag-upgrade ng wardrobe at aesthetic? Want to achieve your jetsetter goals and travel the world soon? Then gaur! There’s no other perfect time to save than now. Setting aside even a small amount each month can make a big difference.

Give back.

Not in an utang na loob way, but your own way. Pera mo ‘yan so give back according to your terms. Give back to your parents (guilt-free, of course!) or help someone in need. There are also plenty of local organizations and causes that could use your help.

Spending your first paycheck doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! But using it wisely sets the stage for financial independence and future success. Remember, each peso you invest in yourself today can lead to greater things tomorrow.

Here’s to more paychecks (hopefully a higher salary in the months to come 😉) and smart financial choices ahead!

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