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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ano ang Lista?
    Ang Lista ay isang mobile app na ginawa para makatulong sa bawat Filipino sa paghandle at pagmonitor ng kanilang mga finances. Ilan sa mga features ng app ay ang mga sumusunod: Money tracker. Ino-automate ng Lista ang pag track ng inyong pera sa pang-araw-araw. Utang tracker at payment reminders. Nagpapadala ng FREE SMS ang Lista upang ipaalala sa customer o kakilala niyo ang pagbayad ng kanilang utang. Cash flow, sales, at profit monitoring. Makikita mo ang bawat paglabas at pagpasok ng pera ng iyong negosyo.
  • Paano ako makakakuha Lista app?
    Available ang Lista sa Android at iOS for FREE. Download na via Google Playstore at Apple App Store.
  • Pwede bang gamitin ang Lista App kahit walang internet?
    Yes. Maaaring gamitin ang Lista App online AT offline.
  • May bayad ba ang paggamit ng Lista App?
    Wala. Libre lang ang Lista.
  • Pwede ba ako magdagdag ng madaming profiles sa Lista?
    Oo at walang limit ang paggawa ng profile per mobile number sa app! Kung mahigit sa isa ang iyong negosyo o personal account, maaari kang gumawa ng dedicated profile para sa bawat isa.
  • Gaano ka-secure ang pag gamit ng Lista?
    100% secure! Ang Lista ay mayroong 4-digit PIN requirement bago mo ma-access ang iyong account. Kailangan ang iyong mobile number at 4-digit PIN tuwing ikaw ay magla-log in.
  • Pwede ka bang mag cash in sa Lista?
    Hindi tumatanggap ng pera, ni hindi pwedeng mag cash in o mag money transfer sa Lista App. Isa lamang itong tool para ma-track mo ang iyong mga finances tulad ng personal na cash flow at business transactions o pambayad o utang ng iyong mga customers.
  • Nawala ang records ko. Paano ko ito mababalik?
    Para sa mga concerns tungkol sa inyong data at records sa app, maaari kayong mag message sa aming official Facebook page.
  • What is a TransUnion (TU) credit report?
    A credit report is a detailed summary of your credit history — almost like a snapshot of your financial life that TransUnion, one of the big credit bureaus in the world, puts together. It’s got all sorts of info about your credit utilization and mix, like your loans, credit cards, and how well you’ve been paying your bills.
  • Why is checking my credit report important?
    Checking your credit report isn’t just a great idea — it’s essential for maintaining your financial well-being and achieving your money goals. So don’t put it off; give your report a once-over at least every 30 days to keep your credit life in shape.
  • How can I request for my TU credit report?
    Madali lang! You can get a PDF of your TU credit report straight from the Lista app for just P299. Just open your Lista then tap Request Now under the TransUnion label in the Credit Score section. Don’t forget to prepare a non-expired valid ID for a smooth verification process. (Tip: Upload the ID you used for your credit accounts 😉)
  • What’s inside my TU credit report?
    Here is a sample of a TransUnion credit report: The first page has your basic personal information, like your full legal name and complete address as reported to TransUnion. The next page comes with your Individual Credit Exposure, a comprehensive overview of your credit accounts, including types of accounts (e.g., revolving or installment), account statuses, and account balances. On the other hand, Open Accounts detail all active credit accounts in your name, including credit cards, loans, and lines of credit. This includes information on your lenders, account numbers, and types of credit. And finally, your TransUnion credit score, a numerical representation of your creditworthiness based on the information in your credit report. Higher scores suggest lower risk, while lower scores indicate higher risk.
  • How accurate is my TransUnion report?
    Occasional inaccuracies can still happen. So it’s still important to double-check your personal information for accuracy. Then, look at things like your payment history, how much credit you’re using, and if there are any fishy accounts you don’t recognize that you may report to TransUnion as fraud or identity theft.
  • Uh-oh, I think something’s not right in my credit report…
    If you find errors on your credit report, such as incorrect information or accounts you don’t recognize, you should file a dispute with TransUnion as soon as possible. But before you do that, note that TransUnion has 2 major categories of disputes: False Information. Meaning any inaccurate or outdated data found in your report such as contact details, residential address, and employment information. It has 2 sub-categories: Personal Information & Account Information How you can file a TransUnion report dispute: In the Credit Score part on your dashboard, tap View full details. Click File a Dispute then choose a Dispute Type. Add supplementary and corrective information to update your report. Once done, hit Submit Dispute.
  • Can I boost my credit score using this report?
    Not necessarily but there are steps that you can take to improve your score based on the information you got from your report: Focus on paying your bills on time. Keep your credit card balances low. Only apply for new credit when necessary. Review your credit report monthly to monitor your progress.
  • Is my credit report set in stone? How often does it get updated?
    Of course not, ‘cause there’s always room for improvement for you to cultivate a healthy credit life! Credit reports are carefully compiled for you to see where you financially stand every 30 days. And most people have more than one credit report so there really is no limit on how often you can check it.
  • Do I need to pay again if I want to request an updated credit report?
    If you're requesting an updated credit report that was processed over 30 days ago and no dispute was filed, there is a fee of P299. However, if you've filed a dispute and are awaiting your updated credit report, there's no need for an additional payment.
  • I’m feeling a bit lost with all this info overload. Who can I call to help me walk through my report?
    Lista and TransUnion’s got your back! So if you’re feeling stuck, just hit us up on Facebook.
  • What is a credit report?
    A credit report is a record of your loans and how well you've paid them back. It includes your contact information, employment history, and any public records. Lenders use your credit report to decide whether to give you credit. The information in your credit report comes from banks. They report your credit information to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).
  • What is a Credit Score?
    Your credit score is a three-digit number that helps banks decide if they will lend you money or give you a credit card. It shows how responsible you are with money. Credit bureaus like CIBI use a few factors to calculate your credit score, including how often you pay your bills on time, how much debt you have, the length of your credit history, and how many different types of credit you have. Different lenders and credit bureaus use different scoring models, so your credit score may vary depending on who you're asking. Note: Credit Score is currently in beta mode. There is a possibility of encountering inaccuracies in your score and credit report. For questions and concerns, feel free to contact us via Facebook Messenger.
  • Who is the Credit Information Corporation?
    The CIC is a government-owned corporation that collects credit information from banks, utility companies, and insurance companies. They make this data accessible to consumers and businesses so they can make informed financial decisions. To date, the CIC has accredited four credit reporting agencies, including CIBI Information, Inc., to access the database and provide credit reports, ratings, and other similar credit information products and services to consumers and businesses. Please visit to learn more about the CIC.
  • Who is CIBI Information, Inc. (CIBI)?
    CIBI Information, Inc. (CIBI) is one of the major credit reporting agencies in the Philippines. They help financial institutions prevent fraud, assess creditworthiness, and verify customer identity for you through their consumer solutions. As one of the Special Accessing Entities (SAEs), they use consumer data provided by the CIC to generate credit scores and reports. Please visit to learn more about CIBI.
  • Who is Lista?
    Lista is a free money management app that allows users to track their expenses, set budgets, and pay off debt. It also has a business version that helps small businesses monitor their sales and expenses. In addition to its financial management features, Lista also provides users with access to their credit scores and reports. Learn more about Lista by visiting
  • What is the relationship between CIBI and Lista?
    CIBI and Lista have partnered up to make it easier for you to get your credit report and score. With just a few taps on the Lista app, you can get your credit information from CIBI, the government-owned and CIC-controlled credit bureau.
  • How can I get my credit score and report via Lista?
    You can get your CIBI credit score and report via Lista for only P199.00 per request. Download the Lista app, create an account, and go to Credit Score. Don’t forget to prepare 1 valid ID to verify your identity.
  • Can I apply for a credit report on behalf of another individual via Lista?
    No. Since Lista requires you to undergo a live KYC (Know Your Customer) process (i.e. providing your government-issued ID and live selfie), it is not possible to apply for a credit score and report on behalf of another individual.
  • What IDs are accepted upon getting my credit score and report?
    To get the most accurate information about your credit profile, use the same ID you used when you applied for credit. The system accepts the following IDs: Most commonly used: TIN, SSS, UMID, and Driver’s License.
  • I don't have any existing credit card or loan. Can I still request a credit report?
    Yes, you can still apply for a credit report even if you don't have any existing credit cards or loans - but expect to get a “No Match” or zero score as a result.
  • Why is it important to check my credit report?
    Your credit report is a big deal. Banks use it to decide if they'll lend you money, so it's important to check it regularly for errors and signs of identity theft. You can verify its accuracy and protect your financial information by reviewing it.
  • I need my credit report as a requirement for my loan/credit applications. How can I request a PDF copy of my credit report via Lista?
    Unfortunately, Lista does not currently support exporting your credit report in PDF format. However, you can still request a copy of your credit report from CIBI via their website and they will send it to you via email.
  • How long does my negative credit information remain on my credit report?
    As long as the account is still open or not yet closed, banks and lenders are required to submit all borrowers' credit data to the CIC. So, if bad or negative credit information still appears on your report even after it has been cleared with your bank, please file a dispute immediately to update your credit profile.
  • How often does my credit report get updated?
    Banks have to submit updates on their borrowers' credit information to the CIC within 30 days of receiving it from their customers.
  • How is my credit score calculated?
    Credit bureaus calculate your credit score based on 5 criteria: Payment history: How often you make payments and if you pay on time Amount owed: How much of your credit limit is used Length of credit history: The age of your credit accounts Types of credit: Credit cards, loans, etc. you’ve used New credit: How often you open new accounts and apply for credit
  • What is a good score to be approved for a credit card or loan?
    Credit scores generated by CIBI range from 300 to 850. A score of 650 to 749 is good, while a score below that may be considered poor or very bad. But lenders and banks consider other factors too, like your debt, payment history, and income before they approve or reject your credit application.
  • How can I improve my credit score?
    Here are some quick and easy ways to improve your credit score: Check your credit report regularly for errors. Pay your bills on time. Keep your credit utilization low. Consider requesting a credit limit increase. Keep old accounts open. Be cautious when applying for new credit.
  • I didn't get a credit score (i.e. received a 0 score or ‘No credit score yet’). What does it mean and how do I resolve it?
    There are 2 possible reasons: You have insufficient credit data for scoring. The credit report does not provide enough information under your name, meaning your credit history is limited or too short for evaluation, which leads to a lack of actual credit performance. CIBI requires at least 24 months’ worth of credit information uploaded to the CIC database to generate your credit score. The latest information on your credit report is outdated. So if you have an active credit or loan account and it is not reflected in your credit report, please file a dispute immediately using the pre-templated email via the Lista app. Once your email is acknowledged, CIBI will process your dispute and investigate the issue. If they need more details about you, they will directly reach out to you to request such information.
  • I got a ‘Multiple Matches’ result. What does it mean and how do I resolve it?
    It means there are at least 2 or more profiles under your name that are uploaded to CIC’s database. This situation is similar to obtaining an NBI certification, where searching for common names often yields multiple results. When this happens, please file a dispute immediately using the pre-templated email via the Lista app. Once your email is acknowledged, CIBI will process your dispute and investigate the issue. If they need more details about you, they will directly reach out to you to request such information.
  • I got a zero or ‘No credit score yet’ result despite having an existing credit card or loan. How do I correct this and get an accurate credit score?
    There are 2 possible reasons: Your ID or information may not match the records uploaded to CIC’s database. Make sure to use the ID or other information you used upon opening a credit card or loan account with your preferred bank. Your credit Information is not yet in CIC’s database. This can be corrected by filing a dispute using the pre-templated email via the Lista app. Once your email is acknowledged, CIBI will process your dispute and investigate the issue.
  • I found incorrect, outdated, and/or missing information in my credit report, what should I do to correct it?
    You may need to file a dispute with CIC in order to alert the concerned Financial Institution to update your records in CIC’s Database.
  • How to file and what do I need in order to file a dispute?
    If you have any concerns or questions about your credit report or score, you may raise a credit report dispute directly to CIBI. Here’s how: Open your Lista App and tap View Full Details (View my full credit report). Click I want to file a dispute. You will be redirected to your email app. In the message body, make sure to include a description of your dispute and a screenshot of your credit score with the full credit report. Hit Send. Once your email is acknowledged, CIBI will process your dispute and investigate the issue. If they need more details about you, they will directly reach out to you to request such information. You can also file a dispute to the CIC via You may refer to this link on the step-by-step process in filing a dispute - Make sure you have a valid 14-digit Transaction Reference Number (TRN) and a soft copy of your Credit Report in order to successfully file a dispute.
  • Where can I find or get a Transaction Reference Number (TRN)?
    The Transaction Reference Number or TRN, is a 14-digit number required by CIC in order for an individual to file a dispute in their credit report to CIC. The TRN is being provided by CIBI and is only valid for 30 days. To request a TRN, send an email to
  • How long before my dispute can be resolved?
    If the dispute is in relation to the More Subject Match error, turnaround time (TAT) is normally 3 to 5 working days, depending on the investigation and requirements of CIC.
  • My filed dispute is already resolved, can I request for an updated credit report?
    Yes, you need to advise Lista via Facebook Messenger that the dispute has been resolved in order for you to successfully re-inquire.
  • What is the role of CIBI and CIC in my dispute?
    When you file a dispute with Lista, they will forward it to CIBI. CIBI will then facilitate the filing of the dispute to CIC. They will also conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if the dispute is valid. CIC will then investigate the dispute and take appropriate action. This may include merging information from different sources, updating information, or even deleting information. Lista will keep you updated on the status of your dispute and will let you know when it is resolved.
  • Do I need to pay again if I want to request for an updated credit report?
    No. If you're requesting an updated credit report because of a dispute that was already resolved, you don't have to pay again. But if you're requesting an updated credit report that was processed more than 30 days ago and there was no dispute, then you'll need to pay again.
  • How long is the validity of information in my credit report?
    Your credit report is a snapshot of your credit profile. It shows lenders how you've managed your credit in the past, and it can affect your ability to get approved for loans and credit cards. The validity of your credit report depends on when it was generated. If you're using it for credit approval, make sure it's up-to-date. The CIC updates your credit information every 30 days, so if you're applying for a new credit account, request a copy of your report at least 30 days before you apply.
  • I applied for a new credit card or loan, how soon will it be reflected in my credit report?
    The update will be reflected in your credit report within 30 days, or when your bank submits an update on your credit information to the CIC.
  • How can I contact Lista, CIBI, or CIC to request further information that is not addressed in this FAQ?
    Lista Website: Facebook: CIBI Website: Hotline: +632 8281 2424 Email: CIC Website: Hotline: +632 8236 5900 Email:
  • What is Cashflow Sync?
    Cashflow Sync automatically imports your bank and e-wallet transactions from your device to your Lista account. This means you don’t have to manually track your spending and income anymore, saving you a ton of time and effort.
  • How do I use Cashflow Sync?
    It’s easy and it just takes seconds! Here’s how you can set it up: Download Lista and open the app. Create your Lista profile. Tap Continue. Tick the Terms & Conditions checkbox and tap Proceed. Lista will ask you permission to view your transaction history. Tap Allow. You can turn this off later. Wait for the app to finish importing your transactions. Review the accounts and transactions found on your device. Deselect items if necessary. Otherwise, tap Proceed. You will be taken to your updated Transactions tab and you’re done! Cashflow Sync will continue syncing in the background.
  • Is this free?
    Yep! You can use it as much as you want without paying a subscription fee. Note that you can only sync up to 3 months of transactions upon setup.
  • Is using Cashflow Sync safe?
    Absolutely! Lista is committed to protecting your private information and we take your security very seriously. We are registered with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) in compliance with the Data Privacy Act. We’ve also partnered with Secuna, a leading cybersecurity company in the Philippines, to protect your data.
  • What are the benefits of using Cashflow Sync?
    It’s the easiest way to manage your money! Cashflow Sync automatically syncs your transactions so you can track your financial activity effortlessly. With all your spending and income in one place, you can stay organized and make better decisions.
  • Can I sync my transactions offline?
    Yes, and that’s what makes Cashflow Sync great. You can effortlessly manage your money anytime, anywhere, even offline!
  • How far back can Cashflow Sync bring in to my Lista account?
    Cashflow Sync can only fetch up to 31 days of transactions upon setup.
  • Why are my GCash transactions not reflecting on my account?
    As of now, Cashflow Sync is still in beta. So there’s a chance that some transactions may be missed. But don’t worry, we are continuously improving this feature to include transactions from all e-wallets and banks soon!
  • My records are gone! How do I get them back?
    To recover your missing and deleted data, please send us a message on Facebook.
  • What exactly is a Telco Score?
    It’s a credit rating tool that taps into your Smart or Globe mobile use to evaluate how reliable you are with loans and credit cards.
  • How does it differ from regular credit scores?
    Think of it as the alternative version of credit scores. Instead of traditional bank data, it looks at your mobile usage. It’s a great option for people without a typical credit history.
  • Is it widely accepted by banks and lenders?
    Absolutely! Nowadays, they’re catching on the inclusive value of alternative credit scoring. It’s like the new way to show your creditworthiness, especially if you’re yet to establish a formal credit history.
  • How can I access my Telco Score?
    It’s easy! Just open your Lista app and tap the Telco Score icon. Verify your Smart or Globe mobile number associated with your Lista account, and voila!
  • Does it cost anything to check my Telco Score?
    Usually, it’s on the house 😉 Just make sure to keep your Lista account active!
  • Is my info safe with FinScore and Lista?
    We take your privacy seriously (and we love to keep things on the down low). Trust that your info is forever locked and confidential.
  • What counts as a good Telco Score?
    Telco Scores range from high to low risk in 10 bands. Bands 5-8 are in the middle and 1-2 are high risk. But hit 9-10, and you're likely a top-tier VIP subscriber of your network provider 😉
  • Can I make my Telco Score better?
    Yep, you can! As long as you have an active Smart or Globe number, you’re right on track! Just reload often, call up your friends, or browse the internet with your mobile data.
  • How often does my Telco Score get updated?
    Your score climbs (or dips) depending on your mobile behavior such as reload patterns, voice, text, or mobile data usage, duration of calls, SIM card age, and more.
  • Help! I encountered an issue with my Telco Score
    No worries, our customer support team is here for you! Just hit us up on Facebook Messenger and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • What is InstaLoan?
    InstaLoan is a microloan service that lets you borrow money right when you need it via Lista.
  • How much money can I borrow through InstaLoan?
    You can request for a loan starting from P1,000, P3,000, up to P5,000. There’s a 5% interest fee on top of what you can borrow.
  • How do I apply?
    To apply, make sure you’ve got a credit score and an active Cashflow Sync on your Lista account to get your preferred credit limit. Once that’s taken care of, accomplish the application form and wait for your approval!
  • How do you decide whether I’m qualified for an InstaLoan?
    Your Lista activity determines your chances of loan approval. We look at stuff like how regularly cash flows in, income, credit score, and if you’ve got a habit of paying on time.
  • How soon ‘til I get my InstaLoan?
    You'll get your much-needed money just within the next few business days after your application -- that's the beauty of InstaLoan! Don't worry we'll let you know ASAP when your funds are on the way.😉
  • Where can I withdraw my InstaLoan?
    Your InstaLoan will be disbursed to your preferred e-wallet or bank. Just make sure your Lista account is active and verified so you can cash out your loan.
  • When do I pay for my InstaLoan?
    You've got 1 month to pay back your InstaLoan, and you can do it in bi-weekly installments. To avoid late fees, make sure to pay your InstaLoan bills at least 2 days before they’re due.
  • How do I repay for my InstaLoan?
    You can send in your repayments via direct bank deposit at: Account name: BPC Lending, Inc. Account number: 0018 6000 2447 Bank: Union Bank of the Philippines After making your payment, kindly share the screenshot of your transfer receipt or reference number with us via Facebook Messenger.
  • I missed a payment. How much will be my late fee?
    If you missed the due date for your repayment, your loan payment will be overdue. If your payment is more than a month late based on your repayment plan, an additional 5% of your remaining balance will be added each month until your payment is complete.
  • Are you accepting loan applications at the moment?
    Yep, we are! Apply online anytime, anywhere, via the Lista app. Quick note, though: we exclusively review applications from Monday to Friday only. So if you apply over the weekend (Friday-Sunday), expect your loan approval and cash to hit your account on Monday.
  • How many loan applications can I go for?
    You’re welcome to apply as many times as you wish. Just keep in mind, we’ll only be looking at the very first application you send our way.

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