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‘Di nakailag sa scam? Check your credit report!

Like red flags, too late mo na mapapansin na may suspicious transactions na pala sa account mo.

‘Di nakailag sa scam? Check your credit report!

In today’s world, nagkalat na ang mga scam at identity theft. Buti na lang there’s one way to safeguard yourself against them: your credit report.

What your credit report does

Your credit report is great for spotting fraud and strange activities. It shows your credit history and who’s looked at your accounts. Did a mysterious credit card appear that you never applied for? That’s a red flag; catching it early can prevent further fraudulent events.

However, it doesn’t stop identity theft and scams by itself.

Here’s how you can stay one step ahead by identifying red flags and getting extra security for your finances:

Spot unfamiliar activities

Your credit report is like a school report card for your finances. It shows your credit history, credit cards, and payment history. By checking it regularly, you can spot anything strange. Catching them early can stop more problems.

Identify unauthorized inquiries

Your credit report also shows hard inquiries. Meaning, lenders check when you’ve applied for a credit card or loan, regardless kung na-approve ka o hindi.

But here’s when it gets shady: if you see an inquiry you didn’t ask for, it might mean someone is trying to open accounts in your name. Detecting such events early on lets you act fast, like contacting the bank to give them a warning about potential scammers.

Monitor credit score changes

A sudden drop in your credit score is another warning sign. This could mean someone is maxing out your credit cards or opening new loans. Keeping an eye on your credit score helps you catch fraud quickly.

Validate personal information

Your credit report also helps you check your personal information. Make sure your name, address, and contact details are correct. Any mistakes could mean someone has stolen your information.

Checking your credit report regularly is one of the smartest ways to fight scams. It helps you catch problems early, reduce damage, and most importantly, stay in control of your finances. Iba na ang laging handa — knowing more means you can beat scammers in their own game.

Extra security is just within reach sa Lista. Get your credit report now for only P179 by visiting!

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