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Safe space ba ang tropa 'pag usapang pera?

It's time we normalize talking about personal finances with our friends.

Safe space ba ang friends mo for money conversations?

Sabi nila ‘di raw “classy” pag-usapan ang pera. We’re conditioned to take this advice growing up that’s why bringing it up in casual conversations can still be really uncomfortable. In most cases, sinasadya natin iwasan mapunta sa usapang pera ang bonding when we’re out with our friends.

Traditionally, finances have always been a private matter. But this secrecy can lead to misunderstandings. For example, madaling bumigay sa peer pressure to keep up on expensive outings despite being on a tight budget. Pwede rin na nahihiya kang mag-suggest ng mga free activities kasi ayaw mo’ng isipin nila na cheap ka. Honest communication about money can knock down these barriers.

Sharing financial situations, lalo na pagdating sa sweldo, utang, and even mga financial problems, allow friends to be supportive. By understanding each other’s financial realities, you can make plans that work for everyone.

Here’s how you can navigate money conversations in your friendships:

Pick the right moment

In short, ilagay mo sa lugar yung pag-uusapan niyo. Don’t ambush them with a heavy conversation at a big dinner or a loud party. Choose a relaxed, casual yet private setting where you can focus.

Assess their comfort level

Check mo muna kung okay lang sa friend mo. Pwede mo simulan by opening up with broad topics like budgeting tips or asking them about the things they want to achieve before the year ends.

Open up about your goals (without oversharing the specifics)

Discussing savings plans for a trip is a great start ‘cause this naturally leads to strategizing budgets — pwede ka pa tulungan ng friend mo rito kung g siya. Mapaplano niyo rin maigi yung mga boundaries niyo pagdating sa gastos, i.e. iwas muna sa expensive dinners or night outs ‘pag weekend para makaipon for your respective ganaps.

Be empathetic

Understand that conversations about money can be tough. Okay lang mag-set ng boundary if it feels too vulnerable for you (or them).

Respect boundaries

May mga tropa talaga tayong mas private tungkol sa finances nila, based on their negative personal experiences. Kaya mahalagang respetuhin na lang natin na ‘di sila comfortable o ‘di pa sila ready to be on that level with you. Don’t push them for details they’re not ready to share.

Offer support, not solutions

Sometimes, listening is the best help. Skip the unsolicited advice and just be there for each other.

Breaking the stigma

Talking about money is often avoided because society tends to link financial status with personal growth. But that’s not true and it’s time that we ditch that idea forever. Money doesn’t define you, even though sometimes it feels like that.

Friendships are basically built for these kinds of conversations — they are there to be your safe space. When you share your financial ups and downs, you learn from each other, offer support, and even get advice (with consent, ofc) to get you out of money problems.

Normalizing these talks helps you realize you’re not alone. Everyone has their own financial battles. Remember, every financial journey is different, and that’s okay.

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