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Your financial health checklist for 2024

Having a solid financial plan prepares you for life’s milestones and plot twists.

Practical money lessons for a holly, jolly Christmas

As the new year unfolds, it’s time to hit rewind muna sa mga naging financial decisions mo for the past year. Not only you are taking accountability for your actions if naging magastos ka o hindi nagka-ROI agad yung mga investments mo but you’re also setting the stage for a more financially responsible version of you for the next year.

Before you overhaul your finances, consider this financial health checklist as your trusty companion to make the right money moves for 2024:

Practical money lessons for a holly, jolly Christmas

Set achievable goals.

Whether it’s buying a house, starting a business, or finally going on that dream vacation, let these goals guide your financial decisions throughout the year.

Revamp your budget.

Make a detailed plan for your income, expenses, and savings goals. Remember, budgeting empowers you to make informed choices rather than feeling restricted.

Check your savings progress.

Review and boost your emergency fund (and life savings, if you have) for unexpected twists life might throw your way.

Manage your overall debt.

Take a closer look at what you still have to pay off. Plan for it and make sure it covers what you need. Tip: stop using your credit card in the meantime and consider purchasing things with cash.

Explore investments.

Whether it’s stocks, bonds, or a retirement account, thoughtful investments have the potential to grow your wealth over time.

Revisit your insurance policy.

From health to home, ensure your coverage aligns with your current needs and circumstances.

Practical money lessons for a holly, jolly Christmas

Use this checklist as your financial roadmap throughout the year, ticking off each item for an awesome 2024! May the new year bring you lots of success 💰

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