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Prepared ka ba sa mga biglaang gastos?

Iba na ang laging handa, lalo na when life throws you surprises.

Prepared ka ba sa mga biglaang gastos

It’s official: summer is finally over and hello tag-ulan! Whether that’s a good thing (kasi ‘di na gaanong mainit) or a bad thing (kasi baha season na naman), the latter half of the year is usually filled with biglaang expenses. Meaning, they can derail your financial plans in a snap.

Unexpected expenses come and go but they truly come for you when you least expect it. Whether it’s a sudden medical emergency, an unforeseen car repair, or a typhoon wreaking havoc, with the right budget and planning, you can weather these storms with peace of mind.

Here’s how:

Build an emergency fund.

‘Di naman sa pine-pressure ka namin to save up to six figures but to get there, you need to take baby steps. Every little bit counts — even a few hundred pesos a month can grow into a solid safety net, ready to catch you when life tries to knock you down. Read more here.

Prioritize a bit of flexibility in your budget.

It’s pretty much like integrating a “miscellaneous” category into your monthly budget. This doesn’t have to be a large amount—’yung sakto lang para ma-cover kahit mga biglaang gastos like pang-Mercury Drug ‘pag nilagnat, food essentials na mabilis maubos like bread, eggs, ulam, atbp., or minor house repairs.

Over time, you might be surprised at how much these small savings can add up and help buffer the bigger, less frequent expenses.

Revisit your insurance policies to ensure you’re well-covered.

Insurance is your financial sidekick. Health, home, and auto insurance can save you from catastrophic bills. Keep your policies up-to-date — paying a small premium now is way better than paying a giant bill later. Flexibility is key. Life’s not always predictable, and neither is your budget.

And there you go! Rest assured you're ready for anything with an emergency fund, a flexible budget, and solid insurance. A little planning today can mean a lot of peace of mind tomorrow.

Basta proactive ka in getting your finances in check, that’s when you know that you’re more than capable!

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