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Hirap mag-ipon o mali ka ng pinag-iipunan?

Tamang panahon na ba para mag-ipon for your retirement? Or YOLO pa rin?

Hirap mag-ipon o mali ka ng pinag-iipunan?

At the heart of personal finance, the question lingers: where should you put your hard-earned savings? For many of us, it’s still a riddle we grapple with as we strive to align our financial choices with our goals in life.

So kung ang New Year’s Resolution mo for 2024 is to get serious about saving, we’re here to help! And we’ll make it as if you’re not just saving — you’re crafting a beautiful financial future, one money move at a time.

Hirap mag-ipon o mali ka ng pinag-iipunan?

Make sure to put an end to all your debts first. This one’s a no-brainer. Before you start saving, siguraduhin mo muna na clear na lahat ng utang mo. It’s like tidying up your room before you start decorating it. By taking proactive steps to eliminate all your debt, you set a solid foundation for a more secure and fruitful financial future.

Build an emergency fund good for 3 to 6 months. Picture this: you’re cruising through life, and suddenly, an unexpected expense throws a curveball your way. Your emergency fund will be your safety net, covering up to a year’s worth of living expenses. Keep it accessible but separate from your daily spending accounts, ensuring it’s there when you truly need it.

Park a portion of your savings in high-interest savings accounts. These accounts not only offer a haven for your money but also provide a little extra in interest, helping your savings grow over time. It’s as simple as making your money work for you, even while it rests securely in your account.

Hirap mag-ipon o mali ka ng pinag-iipunan?

Invest in your future by contributing to your retirement account. As you grow older in this little life, retirement feels closer to home, while for some, it still seems like a distant dream. However, as many financial gurus would put it, the wisest step is to start investing in your future now. Not only does it offer tax advantages, but it also aligns to secure a comfortable life down the road.

Consider putting aside some of your money in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. It might also be the perfect time to start your investment portfolio. As long as it’s tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals, you will see your money grow with higher returns over time.

So alam mo na kung ano dapat mong gawin ngayong 2024, kasi sa’yo 'tong year na ‘to! Claim mo na that you’ll have a fresh start, lalo na sa savings. By embracing tried and tested strategies — having an emergency fund, starting an investment portfolio, putting aside some of your earnings to a dedicated retirement fund, and being mindful of our money habits — we’re not just preparing for tomorrow; we’re laying the foundation for our dreams to flourish.

Ngayon na alam mo na how to save with a purpose, ang kulang na lang is to make it happen and one way to do that is to start a Savings Challenge sa Lista app!

So here’s to a commitment to making your future brighter than ever! Kaya mo ‘yan 💪

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