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Travel ganap tip: always carry a credit card

Friendlier foreign exchange rates and flexibility are your BFFs ‘pag nasa abroad ka.

Travel ganap tip: always carry a credit card!

Even with prices rising and expenses going up, Filipinos still love to splurge on travel adventures. Lalo na ‘pag jet-setting globe trotter ka, a credit card is surely your ultimate travel buddy, which always beats out cash when it comes to protection and currency exchange, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

Having a credit card in your wallet can be a game-changer, hindi lang para sa travel but also for other ganaps. Paying with a credit card is usually a smarter choice than using a debit card, keeping cash transactions to a minimum.

With that said, let’s list down 5 more reasons why you should always carry a credit card ‘pag may travel ganap ka:


Need to book a last-minute flight, a hotel room, or treat yourself to a souvenir? With a credit card in hand, you’re not limited by the cash you have on you.


Carrying large sums of cash can be risky. Lose it, and it’s gone for good! Unlike with a credit card, you’re protected against unauthorized transactions, ensuring you a stress-free trip throughout.

Better exchange rates

Minsan, mawawalan ka na lang ng gana magpapalit ng Peso bills locally or abroad sa baba ng value ng currency natin versus international currency. Buti na lang credit cards often offer better exchange rates, saving you money on foreign transactions.

Fraud protection

If your card gets lost or stolen, you’re not liable for fraudulent charges. That’s a rare benefit you can get from a debit card.

Travel rewards + insurance

Many credit cards come with rewards like airline miles, hotel discounts, and cashback bonuses. Plus, most credit card issuers offer built-in protections that people often overlook like travel insurance and product warranties that might be better than the manufacturer’s warranty.

A credit card is a wonderful must-have to bring with you during your travels, which is best enjoyed basta may disiplina, consistency, at capacity ka to pay the monthly bill on or before the due date.

So, the next time you’re going on a trip, always make the most of your credit card. **Take a closer look at what your credit card has to offer beyond just convenience. You might be surprised by the extra protection and rewards waiting for you!

Already have a credit card? Let’s see how you’re doing with it with a quick credit score check on mobile or desktop via!

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