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Work from Home vs. Onsite: Alin mas tipid?

‘Yung mga boto sa RTO, gusto ng social life. Meanwhile, ang WFH naman swak sa mga pagod na…

Work from Home vs. Onsite: Alin mas tipid?

Maganda ba talaga ang Work from Home vs. onsite? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Kung gusto mo makatipid sa commute and prioritize work-life balance, then it may be for you. If you’re a fresh grad naman, looking to grow your network, and still learning how to be part of the workforce, working on-site can give you that office experience at least once in your life.

Both options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s break it down to see which one is cheaper and better for your peace of mind:

Work from home takes the early lead pagdating sa pagtitipid. It means no more spending on gas, transpo fares, or parking fees. On the other hand, onsite work comes with a rigid schedule and its own set of bills, including transportation costs and potentially rent, if the office location is far from your residence. Malaki ang kinakain ng oras ng commute, especially when you work in Metro Manila.

However, while you save on the daily grind, remote work might mean spending a little more on utility bills, groceries, and an initial investment in a home office setup at first to maximize your productivity.

Winner: Work from home

Focus zone: Structured vs. Chill

Some people love the routine of an office. It helps them focus and avoid distractions. Work from home can be tricky at first with chores, family, or even a playful pet interrupting you. So this one depends on you — can you easily tune out distractions, or do you need a quiet space to get things done?

Winner: It depends

Perks & setups: Free stuff vs. DIY home office

Offices often come with company-issued laptops, desks, and even employee engagement perks like pizza Fridays and gym memberships. Some even help pay for your commute, but that’s a rare occasion. Working from home might mean buying your own desk and chair, but you save money on travel and clothes in the long run.

Winner: It depends

Time, dress code, and freedom

Onsite work often requires a fixed schedule, with commutes eating into your free time. Additionally, some companies enforce strict dress codes, emphasizing a professional wardrobe. Remote work, on the other hand, offers significant flexibility. You can save time and money on commuting, and embrace the comfort of working in your favorite loungewear.

Winner: Work from home

So, which one saves more money? Depende talaga ‘yan sa kung anong hanap mo ngayon.

Working from home can save you cash on travel, clothes, and meals, but you might spend more on bills and setting up a workspace. Whereas office jobs might give you free food, networking opportunities, and maybe new people to include in your social life, which are all very nice to have at any point in your career. In the end, it’s all about finding the balance that works best for you!

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