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Real talk saglit: Paano makabawi sa gastos after travel?

From nakaluwag-luwag to ipon mode ulit real quick.

Real talk saglit: Paano makabawi sa gastos after travel?

Wrapping up vacation plans can be bittersweet. Excited ka umuwi to see your loved ones and unpack pasalubongs, stories, and a renewed sense of inspiration. But there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to unpack: the weight of post-vacation debt, a.k.a. paano makabawi sa gastos after travel.

Reality hits hard as you glance at your bank account and wonder, “Saan na napunta pera ko?” Pero kailangan harapin mo ang katotohanan na low on funds ka na. Here are some ways to bounce back financially (and fast) after all that vacay splurge:

  1. Check your bank balance. Look at your bank account or wallet to see where you stand financially.

  2. Revisit your spending. Distinguish between needs and wants. Consider if that food delivery or excess grocery bill is truly necessary.

  3. Create a budget. Just like how you planned your travel budget, you can set another goal to recover from your splurges. Consider cutting back on non-essentials for a while to save up.

  4. Trim underused subscriptions. Review your subscriptions and think whether you really need all those streaming services or magazines. Cutting back on them could also save you some cash.

  5. Negotiate credit card or loan payments. Talk to your credit card or loan provider about lowering your monthly dues. They might offer discounts or waive interest charges temporarily if you explain your situation. Read more here.

  6. Get a side hustle. Try picking up extra work like freelancing or virtual assistant roles to earn more money and save faster.

Your post-vacation financial recovery plan works best when you mix your money-saving habits with some good old diskarte, like finding extra gigs and negotiating with your credit card company.

You can also opt for a no-spend month to reset your spending habits and stash away some quick cash. This will give you peace of mind, not just after your vacation, but also help you learn to save regularly and plan for upcoming expenses.

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