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Salary negotiation tips para sa fresh grads

Know your worth na agad kahit first job palang!

Salary negotiation tips para sa fresh grads

Sa wakas, nagka-job offer din! Or at the very least, you’re in between interviews, which is also a milestone on its own! But now comes the exciting yet nerve-wracking part: negotiating your salary.

Nakaka-stress at mas lalong nakaka-pressure ang level of intensity ng interview process when it’s time to talk salary. And for most fresh grads, mas madaling bumigay sa pressure ‘pag nag-alok na ang soon-to-be employer mo ng rate sa job offer letter, which is almost always lower than your desired income.

While negotiating can be daunting, it is an essential skill that can set the tone for your future earnings. Here’s how to confidently negotiate your first salary:

Do your research.
  • Know your worth: Research industry standards for your role. Use sites like Glassdoor to get a sense of how much you’re supposed to be paid.

  • Learn about the company: This means doing your homework on the company’s financial health and compensation trends. Alamin mo muna if you’re interviewing with a startup or a big corp. Startups come with higher risk but the potential for greater rewards. Meanwhile, big companies provide stable salaries and excellent benefits.

Prepare your pitch.
  • Showcase your value: List your skills, achievements, and experiences. But since fresh grad ka palang, pwede mo ibida rito yung mga extra curricular activities at OJT mo that can count as professional experiences. You can also mention your GPA, academic honors (if any), and subjects you excelled in that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • Rehearse: Practice your negotiation pitch with a friend or mentor to gain confidence and get constructive feedback. There are also handy interview tips over at #CareerTok that might help you land your dream salary.

Pick the right moment.
  • Wait for the offer: Don’t start negotiating until you’ve received a formal job offer!

  • Be strategic: Choose the right opportunity for the discussion, usually talaga ‘pagka-email na sa’yo ng job offer then followed up with a call from the HR.

Stay professional.
  • Be positive: Approach the negotiation with enthusiasm and a collaborative mindset.

  • Show respect: Understand the employer’s perspective and be open to compromise (to an extent).

Consider all benefits.
  • Think beyond the paycheck: ‘Di mo lang iisipin yung salary mo but also the whole package. Kasama na dapat diyan yung health card, paid leaves, and growth opportunities, on top of the usual company-issued equipment like a laptop and smartphone.

  • Discuss growth: Ask about performance reviews and future salary increases to show you’re interested in long-term development.

Know when to say ‘no’.
  • Know your minimum: Determine the lowest salary you’re willing to accept and be prepared to walk away if the offer doesn’t meet your needs. Pro tip: Always state your expected salary in net terms, not gross.

  • Exit gracefully: If you decline the offer, do so respectfully to keep the door open for future opportunities. Marami pang ibang magandang trabaho! Just keep applying.

Negotiating your first salary might seem intimidating and makes you feel like nagma-mataas ka na agad kahit kaka-graduate mo lang. But in this economy, dapat lang na you should know your worth. With preparation and confidence, you can secure a package that reflects that! Tandaan mo, nagsisimula ka palang sa workforce, and learning to negotiate effectively now will benefit you for years to come.

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