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Reach your financial goals faster through personal budgeting

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Lista is the first and fastest-growing Financial Management app in the Philippines.

One of the biggest small steps you can take to have a better handle on your finances is to plan and stick to a budget. It’s the start of putting yourself on a path toward smarter money management.

This is what Lista wants to impart to the average Filipino, no matter how small or large their paycheck is. With inflation on the rise affecting gas prices, groceries, and everything in between, budgeting is one of the most crucial skills you can incorporate into your daily life.

Today, Lista is among the few Filipino startups building simple, easy-to-use financial tools that individuals and businesses can access with the use of their smartphones. To make financial management more digestible for everyone, the company launched Personal Budgeting.

Personal Budgeting is gearing up to be one of the app’s key features alongside the well-loved Money In-Money Out and Utang SMS Reminder products.

Exclusive to Personal accounts, users can use Budgeting to track their spending, record their recurring bills, and monitor their savings on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis with an option to let the app suggest a budget that fits their priorities.

As Lista has been publicly advocating for financial inclusion, Lista developed the Personal Budgeting module to be every Filipino’s financial companion that will impact how they manage their money better not only for today but also in the future.

The product features a host of convenient and easily digestible tools to help people get out of debt and turn around their finances for good. Users can assign their money according to priorities, categorically as Needs, Wants, and Savings. By doing so, the user will feel they have a detailed budget plan for where their money will go, instead of pulling from their wallet or credit account without a thought.

However, keeping a budget is more than just planning and allocating funds to your needs and goals. The biggest perk of using Personal Budgeting is you can get detailed insights into what and how much is eating up your finances through the feature’s Spending Breakdown and Summary segments.

Over time, this helps everyone to be purposeful and pace their spending according to the budget they predetermined. It also encourages you to allocate more funds toward saving, investing, or getting out of debt.

Lista Personal Budgeting is currently available in the latest app version for both Android and iOS.

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