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Mag-InstaLoan up to P5,000 — Get approved within 24 hours!

When funds are low, Lista InstaLoan’s the way to go!

Mag InstaLoan up to P5,000 -- Get approved within 24 hours!
We’re happy to announce that Lista is now offering personal loans straight from the app!

Need cash assistance, instant cash, or extra funds? We’ve got you covered! Lista InstaLoan has come to the rescue!

Note: For now, this release is just for a select few Android users. But rest assured, we’re working tirelessly to bring this service to everyone soon!

What is Lista InstaLoan?

Lista InstaLoan hooks you up with small loans that you can pay back in 1 month via bi-weekly installments. There’s a 5% interest on top of what you can borrow.

For this launch, you can loan P1,000, P3,000, or P5,000 and get approved within 24 hours!

How do I apply?

It’s easy!

Lista InstaLoan is available for Android users only. To access the feature, make sure you’ve got Cashflow Sync activated on your Lista account to apply for the credit limit of your choice.

But remember, you’ve gotta wait for us to roll out InstaLoan on your way first.

Ang galing, getting the cash you need when you need it has never been this easier. Open your Lista app at mag-InstaLoan na!

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