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Easy and safe personal budgeting for every Filipino. Download Lista and start budgeting today!

Gain financial clarity with Lista Personal Budgeting

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Assign your money

Watch your balances running

Get reports on your spending

See how

you're doing

Budgeting with real results

Powerful and simple budget tracker that will help you get your finances in order. Make a budget according to your own preference or we’ll suggest one for you!

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Pay off debt

Don’t be afraid to start over. Debt doesn’t have to be forever – you can turn it around by taking baby steps starting with budgeting.

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Save more

You can do better with a great budget plan, like giving more to what’s important in your life.

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Maximize your budget

Personalize and adjust your budget anytime to fit your priorities. Or we’ll suggest one for you using the 70-20-10 method to help you organize your money

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See all your money in one place

This is Personal Budgeting built for daily life. Feel the relief when you create a budget and stick to it with Lista!

Lista is proudly certified by the

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Download Lista for Free!

Simplify your money management today.

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