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Putting your financial wellness first with budgeting

Live life to the fullest, on your terms.

Start budgeting with Lista today!

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Your life, prioritized.png

Your life, prioritized

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Spend on what you love, guilt-free

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Save for a big dream

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More confidence, less stress

Build the life you'll love

Take control with organized finances – create your own budget or let us suggest one!


Destroy debt, for good.

Debt doesn’t have to be forever — take the first step with budgeting.


Plan for the life you want.

Live better with a great budget plan that gives more to what’s important to you.


Maximize your budget.

Personalize and adjust it anytime to fit your priorities. Or we’ll suggest one for you using the 70-20-10 method.


Budgeting built
for daily life.

Feel the relief when you create a budget and stick to it with Lista!

Lista is proudly certified by the

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Download Lista for Free!

Build a better relationship with your money today.

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