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Forget the old ways of bookkeeping and use Lista. It's FREE, fast, and easy.

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FREE bookkeeping app for Filipino MSMEs 🇵🇭 

Lista helps you record all your business financial transactions to be more efficient and stress-free.

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Keep track of money coming in and out

Manage daily business finances faster and easier. Record sales, expenses, and debt-receivables transactions with Lista.

Automatically know your profit

No more time-consuming calculations and manual errors. Lista will do the work for you instantly!

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Debts paid off 3x faster with FREE payment reminders

With Payment Reminders feature, an automatic SMS is sent to your customers everytime a transaction is recorded - for FREE!

Benefits of Lista

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More Effective

You can record sales, expenses, customer debts, and profits in one application.

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Save Time

No more manual calculations. All numbers are calculated automatically and saved securely.

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Maximize Profits

With accurate business reports, you can make the best decisions to increase profits.

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